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Lieu-dit "le Haut-Croth"

27310 Bourg-Achard

téléphone : (33) (0)2 32 20 21 70

fax : (33) (0)2 32 20 21 83

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Le Mans 24 Hours Motorcycle Race: Alis is organising two motorcyclist rest stops on the A28 motorway.


The Le Mans 24 Hours Motorcycle Race is being held on 19th, 20th and 21st September next, at the prestigious Le Mans motor racing circuit and will take place in front of thousands of spectators attending this, the final round of the World Endurance Championship 2014.

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On your journey to your holiday destination, for your safety, take a break!


Even if holidays are most often synonymous with pleasure and relaxation, it cannot always be said of the drive there and back. Even though motorway makes for a comfortable and safe journey, kilometre after kilometre, weariness sets in, so does tiredness and the driver and passengers, particularly children, start to find the journey long...

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